Carl is now looking for his retirement home. Poor Carl has had it tough. Whilst living on the streets he sustained a severe injury to his tail as a result of a car accident, which left the fur and skin hanging off. Carl needed his tail removed and now it is healing well. The accident or operation seems to have had an impact on controlling his urine but this is improving immensely each day and he does use the litter tray. The vet thinks Carl is around 10 years old. After undergoing tests its been found that Carl also has kidney problems and he does drink a lot. A very understanding owner is needed as we are unsure how long Carl has left (it could be months or even years) and he may need ongoing treatment. However Carl really is a wonderful cat who deserves a loving home and we are hoping someone is out there who can offer this. He needs a nice quiet home.

If you think you could offer Carl the caring forever home he needs and deserves, please contact us with your address and contact number and details of who lives in your household. Thank you.

Please note we are currently FULL and unable to take in any more cats at present